39. Semi-Prepared Remarks For A Surprise Awards Ceremony

This is probably my favourite song on the whole collection. Once the drums come in, I happy cry all the way through to the end. Lyrically, I like this form of extreme self-aggrandisation as a way to things which feel emotionally real. It’s an odd route in, granted.

This song has SO MUCH DRUMS. Four drum parts. It feels like the right amount of drums. There’s also a gong sounding thing, which I actually recorded in a fancy kitchenware shop in Royal Tunbridge Wells where my wife had taken my father in law to buy a Christmas present for my mother in law. I got a bit bored and started recording a hanging display of heavy-bottomed copper pans – that’s why you can hear people talking in the background, and right at the end of the song, my wife’s slowed-down laughter. It seems really appropriate that it’s the last thing you hear on the track.

Next week, we finally say goodbye to the Year of The Bird. If you preorder Year of The Bird Volume 4 , you’ll get it in a week!