35. Minnesota Sunrise

For the purposes of this song, you have to believe that God gave me pyjamas. “I stepped out, wearing only what God gave me, in a Minnesota sunrise…” is a better lyric than “I stepped out, wearing Adventure Time pyjamas…”. Actually, scratch that, I should have gone with the truth in this case.

It’s very sad that the US and the UK are separated by temperature scales. Fahrenheit is a really annoying scale, and I can’t remember anything in it. On this particular morning at 6am in Minneapolis, it was -15 Celsius; I have no idea what that is in Fahrenheit, so I decided to pick a sensible unit that neither Americans nor Brits regularly use, and went for Kelvin – degrees above absolute zero. Then both countries can be united by a common disdain for the most sensible temperature scale.

Based on what you’ve heard so far, this song might seem like a series of poor decisions, but it’s one of my favourites of the year. It’s about trust, isn’t it? When do you trust your instincts that tell you not to trust someone, when do you trust people? If you treat the dating process – or whatever the equivalent is for friendships – like kissing frogs, what does that say about the people you’re kissing? Just because someone let you down, you don’t have to lock yourself in a room, wear a wedding dress all day and train a girl to fuck up men. You don’t lay out bear traps to catch a mouse – and if you do, it’s overkill. Not to mention all the time you’d spend driving dearest friends to the nearest hospital. Bear traps don’t just catch bears (or mice).

I can’t believe I never thought to sample wine glasses before. There’s an instrument called a Glass Harmonica which is basically a load of nested wine glasses mounted horizontally on a rotating axis, which I think are dipped in a little trough of water; the player then holds their fingers on the notes they want to play as they bowls rotate, and you get notes and chords in exactly the same way as if you sample running a wet finger around the rim of a wine glasses and use Garageband iOS’ sampler for a drier version. I really like the way this turned out, and I loved singing it.

Next week we hear about a sad bat, console yourself by preording Year of The Bird Volume 4 over on my band camp page.