21. Afterthought

I’ve always been suspicious of love songs. They’re normally by someone trying to persuade someone to sleep with them. “Layla” and “Something” both about Pattie Boyd as two Big Dicks of 60s pop music solo for her hand, or somesuch crap. My wife’s presence in my songs is usually not very direct, for this reason. I think it’s cheesy as fuck.

I had to cheat slightly. You might notice “Afterthought” has the same music as “Filters”. In my defense, I had written and junked a completely different piece of music to act as the bed track for Filters, and there really wasn’t time to write more than one piece of music for each piece in Year of The Bird. It might feel ironic that “Afterthought” feels like a bit of an afterthought, and the lyrics wander off on characteristic stream of consciousness tangents.

I get sick of people slagging off millennials for being too broke, too sensitive, too emotional. Jesus fuck, we need more of that (the latter). But I’m the tail end of Gen X so I think I get a bit of each; a Taurus on the cusp of Gemini. We were the first generation after the boomers to see that “the future that you’ve got mapped out is nothing much to shout about”; to watch “sales climb high through the garbage pail sky, like a giant dildo crushing the sun”.

In the UK, avocados cost about a pound each, and eggs for poaching – a couple of pounds for a box of six; a really nice sourdough loaf, bought from the Blackbird Bakery in beautiful South London rather than made, might run to £3.50; so poached eggs and avocado on toast might cost a couple of pounds, if you push the boat out. If you eat that every single day for brunch, you would spend around £700 every year. If you’re lucky, you might find a small flat in Zone 4 in London for £250,000, and if you wanted the 20% you need to buy it, you’d have to have saved £50,000. That means if you cut your fancy schmancy brunches, you could save for a deposit within 71 years! If you start when you leave school, you’ll be able to to buy your first home when you’re 87, or 92 if you went to university (loans notwithstanding). If you’re spending five pounds every day on fancy cafe eggs and avocado, of course, you could be saving £1800 a year, and then you could get your deposit in only 28 years! Imagine, a homeowner – in your late 40s! Of course, within a few years house prices will have risen at a rate exceeding both interest on your savings and your wages, but Stop. Eating. Those. Eggs. And instagram most be terribly expensive, no? Look over here, not at the 2008 Failure of Capitalism.

I’m going to take a week off to eat eggs and avocado, and I’ll be back with a party icebreaker.

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